Sport & Recreation

Meet our own Olympian Jack Green!  Find out about the world-class F51 skate-park that’s being built in Folkestone. We’ve also got fantastic facilities, of national standard, for hockey and running at our Three Hills Sports Park.  There are Sea Sports in the form of paddle boarding and kayaking happening on Folkestone beach, Sunny Sands, and the Shepway Sports Trust supports the community in developing new active skills for all ages, and celebrates our local sports talent annually with its Awards ceremony. Folkestone has its own Triathlon which you can sprint or do in standard form, this happens every September in the stunning setting of Folkestone Harbour.

Row The World – Folkestone Rowing Club
Learning To Sail In Folkestone
Kayaking around Folkestone – Essential sea-living activity
Tackle And Scrum – Folkestone Rugby Club
Jack Green – Folkestone’s Olympian
Folkestone Running Club – Running a marathon or a 5K
Folkestone’s New Athletics Track – Building Potential
Girl Riders Folkestone – Skateboarding
The Lower Leas Coastal Park
F51 – The World’s First Multi-Storey Skate Park
Shepway Sports Trust – Community Connects Through Sport
The Optimists! Folkestone’s Hockey Scene
Take Off On The Slide In Payers Park!
A Community Celebrates – Shepway Sports Trust Awards
Active 50s – Keep Moving with Shepway Sports Trust
Folkestone Sea Sports – Come and give it a go!
Sun, Sea and Cycle – The Channel Triathlon
Folkestone Sunny Sands – Where the Sun Always Shines!
Run The World – Where Sport and Creativity Blend Into One

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