Folkestone MarketPlace – retail space on the harbour arm

Folkestone Marketplace is the retail space at Folkestone Harbour.  Huts located next to The Goods Yard are home to some very special traders that add to your seaside experience when visiting Folkestone.  Each Sunday from April to October, the pop-up market in the Harbour Station is also open.  Since 2014, when the Harbour Arm opened for business as a visitor attraction, the team have worked on developing new talent with their food traders.  They are now growing the retail element with some fantastic local businesses on site. Folkelife went along to meet some of the vendors:

beach bums

Carly and Chris are husband and wife team who create unique tees and hoodies with a beach theme.  Working with local artists to bring to life their designs, each garment is created with the environment in mind.  Using organic and recycled material and plant-based friendly ink, you can buy directly from the creators at their hut.  “We came here for the Market on the Station, and then the Christmas Market in 2021 as an experiment.  We sell online, but this is our only ‘in person’ outlet and we wanted to meet the customers directly.  It’s been great to do that, and be a part of an space that is growing for retailers like us.

“It’s important for us to be as sustainable as possible, so we don’t have masses of stock made up.  You can order it from us here.”

the beer shop

The Beer Shop on Rendezvous Street has done a roaring trade in take-away beer during the Covid period.  Now down at the Marketplace they’re focusing on a huge selection of London and local craft beers in cans.  There’s also the ‘not beer’ range consisting of cider, wine, whiskey and soda, and soft drinks.  Take away cans of all different shapes and sizes for you to drink on the Arm, the beach or take home with you.

There’s a rather fun can-crushing machine for you to help responsibly dispose of your cans once empty.  Expect a really good selection of beers and non-beers here; possibly the largest selection of drinks on the Harbour Arm.

mini golf

Charlie made his first appearance on the Harbour Arm with the mini golf set up in 2021.  Now in the Marketplace, you can shop, play and shop and play to your heart’s content.

Beach Bums Hut
Moo Like A Monkey
Mini Golf in Marketplace

Objectables Hut
Objectables Mugs
Station Market

moo like a monkey

Charlotte and Nav have extended their hugely successful children’s boutique from The Old High Street to a hut in Folkestone Marketplace as well.  “We’re offering a summer, beach-themed, family/kids fun things to enjoy this summer.  We have eco-friendly buckets and spades, quick-dry beach towels made from recycled materials, crabbing nets and lines and buckets.

“It’s been an experiment to be here as it’s a really different crowd to what we see in our shop on The Old High Street.  Here there are visitors and tourists who are not looking to shop, but to eat and drink and enjoy the day.  So we’re helping them to enjoy their day and get in the mood for summer.  We also have some summer clothing, beach-wear and kites.  Who doesn’t love a kite?  What about some plastic-free unbreakable children’s sunglasses?  They’ve got a durable bendy frame and made from plant-based materials.   

We discovered this talc-free powder that you shake on and it helps remove sand from difficult to clean areas (like in between your fingers and toes).  This has been especially popular with my family, some of whom hate sand!”  


“Our shop on The Old High Street is open 7 days a week but we wanted to be here on the Harbour Arm too.  There’s a different customer here; someone who might not have discovered The Old High Street yet.  Being here also allows us to be a Folkestone Souvenir shop, and object that we’ve designed ourselves.  It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a number of years.  Although, it will be a souvenir shop with the Objectables twist to it.  We’ve got Folkestone Rock, and a decent selection of sweets. What’s a trip to the seaside without some really fun sweets?  

“The Harbour Arm has a real festival feel to it, especially when there are events on such as the football.  We’ve got a great selection of games for sale that you could buy and play there on your day out with friends.”

the station market

Every Sunday from April to October the Station platform is open with the Sunday Market.  Independent creative businesses selling a wide variety of paintings, hand-made clothes, jewellery, cakes and plants adorn the platform.

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