Church Street – a street of class

In the heart of the oldest part of Folkestone is a short little street called Church Street. It leads from Rendezvous Street into St Mary and St Eanswythe’s Church.

Away from the Harbour Arm, this area is just as classy, and getting rave reviews in The Guardian. The Folkestone Wine Company, wowed Grace Dent.  She’s called this restaurant ‘an unpretentious labour of love, with something to suit everyone.’

You don’t need to just stop there though. Pop over the road for a fantastic bouquet of flowers at Stem by Stem. Hair Now won’t be gone tomorrow as it’s been there for ages, and its customers swear by them as the best hair-stylists in town.

Courting Lily Vintage is always good for a gem of vintage clothing and accessory, both male and female attire catered for.

The Pullman is the first of Ben Cuthbert’s eateries in town and can be relied upon to give you the feeling you are in a Kentish pub. Which you are, most definitely.

This street is useful too, with M+S Linens and The Wool Shop. It’s full of brilliant independents worth exploring and cultivating.


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