Spring Cleaning – Harbour Arm and Viaduct

The Harbour Arm and Viaduct have a long-term renovation programme.  Quite a lot of the work happens when the area is quiet, such as during winter.  The maintenance team took advantage of Lockdown in 2020 to give the Arm and Viaduct a spring clean, and carrying out a wide range of essential work.  The Arm is now open for promenading from 8.30am to 5.30pm, with food vendors open and a one-way system in place.  The Harbour Arm website has their full guidelines to having a safe visit.

Some areas did not fare well without human activity; the seagulls made their mark!  However, the planting carried out by the landscape team in the Viaduct and Station responded really well in the absence of pedestrian traffic, giving it the boost it needed to become fully established.

Harbour Arm public wifi

Folkestone Harbour and Seafront Development Company installed a new Wi-Fi system.  Visitors to the Harbour Arm can now register to have free access to the Wi-Fi.

The maintenance team also took the opportunity to repaint, repair and install more toilets in and around the Arm and Station.  The corridor and benches have also been refurbished, and the floors have been sanded and cleaned.  These jobs are difficult to achieve in poor weather or when the Harbour Arm is very busy.


The periods of quiet in 2020 also allowed for alterations to the car parking system. The car park is now fitted with Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras.  The online payment option allows drivers to park without the need for cash or even cards, making payments easier and safer.  Register your car on their website – www.folkestoneparking.co.uk

Harbour Arm is open for promenading

The Harbour Arm is an intrinsic part of the project to comprehensively redevelop the Harbour and Seafront area.  The Harbour Arm is now open from 8.30am to 5.30pm for promenading, and a one-way route has been introduced from the viaduct, through the railway station, along with a ‘keep left’ on the Arm itself.  Various traders are operating under the current guidelines and visitors are asked to #BuyAsYouLeave, to discourage gatherings and keeping visitors as safe as possible.

Harbour Arm Corridor Spring Clean 2020
Harbour Arm clean 2020
Spring Clean 2020 Corridor Harbour Arm
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