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Ice Cream on the Harbour Arm – Hungry Hippy Food Co

The Hungry Hippy Food Co is bringing its big turquoise ice cream van to the Harbour Arm!  Not only will you be able to get soft serve vegan ice cream but also a selection of waffles and milkshakes too.  Folkelife wanted to meet the woman behind the cones, Jasmine Lawrence.

“The Harbour Arm is such a lovely place to visit.  I’ve been down from Canterbury a few times and I love it.  There’s something happening here and it’s great to be a part of it.  I’m bringing my turquoise van, which doesn’t play a tune, but does have two big ice cream cones on top.  You’ll be able to find me next to the Hot Dogs near the entrance to the Arm.”

seasonal ice cream

“I have a pretty strong menu of vanilla soft-serve vegan ice cream with a choice of 12 different toppings and 4-5 sauces.  I also make milk shakes and waffles too.  It would be great to be able to do seasonal offerings, such as linking our food to events that are going on throughout the year.  I’ve been travelling around with my van to festivals and other events, but I’m really looking forward to being stationed in one place and getting to meet my regular customers.

“If you like chocolate, caramel, raspberry or strawberry sauce with your popcorn covered ice cream, then I have your back.  You can also have your ice cream with a freshly cooked waffle and some honeycomb pieces or Love Hearts, cookies and cream biscuits… And I do Pina Colada milk shakes, and other milk shakes too, so come and find me for a really tasty sweet treat.”

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