Leas Lift LockOut! Escape Room and Exhibition

Folkestone is getting a new escape room – the Leas Lift Lockout!  Located at 133 Sandgate Road, the centre will contain an exhibition about the history of the Leas Lift, one of the oldest Victorian Water Lifts in existence in the UK.  The exhibition will be on the ground floor and escape rooms above.  All profits from the Leas Lift Lockout will go towards the renovations of the Lift.  Jay Herridge, Manager of the Leas Lift Lockout spoke to Folkelife about the developing project.

the leas lift

“There are a lot of people in Folkestone who fondly remember the Leas Lift working.  I can remember using it growing up, but my children haven’t seen it working.  They were asking me about it.  We thought that we needed to create a venue that would attract visitors, and younger people and would also inform them about the lift.  Escape rooms are great fun, and there’s a real following to complete every Room in your area, or even in the country!  So we thought it would be a great idea to create two escape rooms here and have an exhibition about the lift in the same place.”

Pressure point

We’re working with Pressure Point in Ashford in the creation of one of the rooms.  It’s a good network to be a part of as we can share visitors.  We can bring people into the town for the escape room, and also show them part of our heritage at the same time.  Equally, we can be an easily accessible space for those who remember the Lift to come and see the exhibition.  They can reminisce and share their memories with us, and also find out how the renovations are taking place. 

“We also want the exhibition to be a place where schools can learn about Victorian engineering and the history of Folkestone.  It’s important to invest in the sustainability of the lift, and by educating the younger generations, we feel we are doing that.  They’re going to be the people who will be using it in the future.

“This is such an important part of Folkestone’s heritage.  We’re thankful to Folkestone and Hythe District Council and the High Street Fund for supporting the project.”

escape to folkestone

“Leas Lift Lockout will be like other escape rooms in that it’s a great social activity.  They’re really fun to do.  We can run the rooms safely within the Covid restrictions: each group will be no more than 6 people.  There is time in between each booking for us to clean down the room so that it’s safe for the next group to play.  I’m going to be writing one of the rooms.  I’ve done so many escape rooms but this is my first time writing one.  It’s odd at the moment as I wake up in the middle of the night with a thousand ideas that I need to write down!  Each room is unique, which is part of the attraction.  Escape rooms are such a popular activity, across the world, that we think it’s a creative way to share knowledge about the Lift whilst having fun too.”

All profits from the Leas Lift Lockout will go towards the renovations of the Leas Lift.

Photo Credit: Black and White Image – Freida Spirit,  Carriages – Phil Blades

Leas Lift Lockout Logo
Lift Carriages Credit Phil Blades
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