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Coronavirus update

The Harbour Arm is now open from 8.30am to 5.30pm for promenading, and a one-way route has been introduced from the viaduct, through the railway station, along with a ‘keep left’ on the Arm itself.  There are some businesses open and operating under strict take-away guidelines.  The Harbour Market will also be open on Sundays from 10am to 5pm. You can see the full guidelines on the Harbour Arm website.

Visitors are asked to #BuyAsYouLeave, to discourage gatherings and keeping visitors as safe as possible.  If visitors can purchase food as they are about to leave the Harbour Arm, and disperse as soon as they receive their order that will help ensure the Arm can stay open for all to enjoy during this period.

Please also ensure you keep to 2m social distancing when on the Arm. Read on to find out how it has been given a new lease of life under the regeneration programme in Folkestone.

Harbour Arm Credit @air.Vidi

Folkestone Lighthouse
Folkestone Family Trail Harbour Arm Benches

Folkestone Harbour Arm

The newly renovated Harbour Arm in Folkestone is one of the town’s main attractions. The Arm offers many different places to eat and drink, live music.  All year round there are stunning views of the town, White Cliffs and looking out across to France.  It’s a place to promenade, meet friends and get a perspective on Folkestone, and life in general.

There’s the Big Screen on the Arm where you can see a fantastic selection of films, enjoy some tasty snacks, and also follow our country’s sporting events over the summer.

The Sunday Harbour Markets run each week from May and offer antiques, vintage clothing, locally made jewellery and lots of beautiful things you can’t live without.  Come along and join us!

Discover what’s on at the Harbour Arm

The Arm is open for promenading 7 days a week, from 8.30am to 5.30pm.  Taking a stroll you will also find many places to eat and drink.  Pete from Bathtub and Gun offers a wonderful cocktail workshops.  You could go for something more sparkly at the Lighthouse Champagne Bar, situated right at the end of the Arm, with stunning views to France and back over the town. The halloumi fries from Big Greek Bus always hit the spot.

Folkestone’s Harbour Arm is known for its food vendors; you can find fantastic vegan food in the East Yard at Dr Legumes; feast on the deliciously freshly baked bread and beer from Docker Brewery and Bakehouse (as featured on ITV’s James Martin’s Great British Adventure.)

Look out for some new tastes to try and some fantastic events for the whole community.

Photo Credits: Andy Aitchison and William Keeler

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