Enterprise & Innovation

Folkestone is establishing itself as a creative hub for business with workspace at The Workshop and in the Creative Quarter.  The innovative regeneration of the town is providing us with fantastic places to live, work and play; meet some of our digital creatives with Sleeping Giant Media, Paper Boat Documentaries, Moo Like A Monkey and Hiraeth CreativeSaga is Folkestone’s very own FTSE 250 company, find out what it’s like to work there. Holiday Extras is another great place to work. The renovation of the Harbour and Folkestone seafront will give more opportunities for businesses to develop and people to live and enjoy Folkestone! There are wonderful places to stay and eat, try The Burlington Hotel!

The Workshop – Inspiring The Business Community
Moo Like A Monkey – Bespoke Boutique Shopping Experience
Foras – Perfume Inspired By The Outdoors
The Old High Street – Folkestone
Inspired By Stories – Paper Boat Documentaries
Create, work and live – The Creative Quarter
The Burlington Hotel – Quality, Luxury Accommodation
In Sight of Success – Sight Hound
Rebuilding and Renovation – ACME
Regeneration – Folkestone Rises Up To International Acclaim
Saga – Keep Doing!
Folkestone’s Connections -Transport And Business Links
Sew and Save the Environment – Miss Ginger’s Sewing Shop
Digital Office Space – The Glassworks
A Californian State-of-Mind – Rennies Seaside Modern
Church Street – A Street of Class
Connecting the Creative Community – East Cliff Creatives
Jargon-Free Human Resources – QBH Solutions
Unique, Handcrafted and Bespoke Artworks – Hiraeth Creative
Exceptional Tea is a Daily Pleasure – Debonair Tea
Sleeping Giant Media – Where Giants Do Not Sleep
The West End of Folkestone – Bouverie Village
Enterprise in Folkestone – A Creative Hub for Business
Ben Allen – Gothic Architecture Folkestone
Holiday Extras – Changing the Future of Travel
Bella and George – Motion Graphic Design

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