Folkestone is famous for being the birth place of William Harvey – the man who understood the circulation of blood in the body.  Find out more about him and the rest of Folkestone’s history at the Folkestone Museum.  We were also the departure point for soldiers during World War One and Danny Boyle’s Pages Of The Sea event was launched from Folkestone beach – Sunny Sands.

Folkestone Museum – From smugglers to dinosaurs
The First Black British Officer – Walter Tull
Danny Boyle’s Flagship Beach for Pages of the Sea
Renovating Folkestone Harbour – A Labour of Love
Folkestone’s Patron Saint – Finding Eanswythe
Rebellion and Renovation – St Peter’s Church, Folkestone
The Origins of the Unknown Warrior – The Edith Cavell Carriage
One of the Oldest Water Lifts in the UK – The Leas Lift

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